History of Pastor Adam Sager

SAGER, CHRISTOPH ADAM (1826-1869). Christoph Adam Sager, who, with Theobald Kleis, is believed to have been one of the first two Lutheran pastors in Texas, was born in Düttingen-Urach, Württemberg, on April 3, 1826. Having obtained his theological education in the Pilger Mission Institute in Switzerland, he was sent to Texas in 1850. He married Justine Dreier. Because he was unable to find a parsonage or to live on his meager income, he farmed in addition to working as a missionary. He and his wife reared seven children in the log cabin on his farm near Arneckeville. He carried his missionary activities to Victoria, Yorktown, Goliad, Meyersville, Schroeder, Weesatche, and other communities of DeWitt County. He died on August 17, 1869, and was buried  Zion Lutheran cemetery in Arneckeville.

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  Two pastors came from the St. Chrischona School in Basel, Switzerland, in 1850: Theobald G. Kleis and Christoph Adam Sager. They arrived in Galveston in the fall of the 1850. They went to Victoria where it was decided that Pastor Sager would stay. Pastor Kleis went up to Neighborsville and Hortontown on the opposite bank of the Guadalupe from New Braunfels. A letter went to St. Chrischona saying that there was ample work for many more pastors.

This is the only know picture of Pastor Sager

A native of Germany, Adam Christopher Henry Arnecke settled in this area in the 1850s and opened the community's first general store. Originally known as Zionsville, the settlement later was named for Arnecke. By the end of the 19th century, Arneckeville had blacksmith shops, doctors' offices, a cotton gin, post office, school, and a church, Zion Lutheran, that was organized in 1865. Although the small German community began to decline when a farm-to-market road was built to Cuero (7 miles north), it has retained much of its pioneer heritage. This is the only known picture of Pastor Adam C. Sager. 

The first Lutheran pastors to minister to these new settlers were Theobald Kleis, Adam Sagar, and later, H. Pfenninger (all of whom were trained at the St. Chrischona Pilgermission Institute in Basel, Switzerland). Sager began his work in Victoria and also preached in Meyersville, Yorktown, and Goliad and Arneckeville Texas.